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Key Element Solutions is passionate about positioning your corporate culture for success and continued development. The exciting part about our services? They’re fully customizable to all of your needs!


Specializing in areas including


Business Development

Utilizing a complimentary consultation service, we meet, review those areas of operational and productivity need that exist, and establish best practices for continued growth.  These services are designed to fully facilitate and assist your organization in the review and implementation of processes and policies which serve to ensure achievement of project, change-over, and risk management excellence. We can help you execute your plans quicker and more effectively.

Small Business Support

Let us handle all of those tasks you don’t want, or have the time, to do! These services help to increase the productivity of your office by streamlining day-to-day undertakings that would otherwise detract from larger, more important responsibilities. By enlisting our services, you not only relieve this pressure from your schedule but also ensure an accurate and professional representation of your organization in the communication and planning executed through our services. Get the talent, without the overhead!

Services from Key Element Solutions


We provide proven methodologies to help you and your business succeed and improve faster, through in-house or open workshops. Our specialized training service, available for a wide-range of needs spanning in-depth personal and team training initiatives, is tailored to the modern business landscape. Let us help you achieve greater success up to 4X faster.

Cheryl Himburg

Keynote Speaking

A highly sought-after keynote speaker and trainer, Cheryl is dynamic, engaging and fun! Cheryl commands the attention and curiosity of her diverse audience bringing a vibrancy, excitement, and willingness to escape comfort zones, while driving individuals, teams, and businesses to Focus on Success