Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.

Challenge Your Limits

We all do it – we start thinking about the future, and we get caught up in the ‘enormity’ of it. For some, the idea of trying to achieve EVERYTHING …

Benefits of Coaching

Why Coaching Works

We invest in the latest technology to help us keep our lives ‘efficient.’ We invest in comfortable bedding to help us get good rest at night. We invest in gym …

Image of a calendar viewed obliquely

Model Week

By setting up your Model Week, you can easily identify areas where you need to take back, where you’re efficient, where you’re wasting energy, and where you could add something that rejuvenates you.

Investing in Personal Development

Calling all business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs – I want to talk about investments. Consider how much you are investing every year on the following: Marketing and/or Branding Team Building …

Beating the Winter Blues

Beating the “Seasonal Blues” in Business

2019 has thus far brought with it a rollercoaster of inclement weather – massive winter storms, record-breaking low temperatures, and possibly the first-ever snowfall on a state park in Hawaii. …

Success Blackboard

Keep the Motivation

January brings with it a rollercoaster of personal emotions, professional energy, and periods of both extreme motivation and – at times – the feeling of being “burnt out.” Using the 12-Week-Year, I go into each new calendar year with the confidence that I can be 4X more effective and productive.

Holiday Reflections - Ornament on Tree


It’s time to take a break from evaluating where you are and where you still need to be and just, enjoy the success. To focus on the small accomplishments and significant achievements that have carried you through the last calendar year.

CEO Days Audit


This month, we’re challenging you to take things up a notch! That’s right, as we stare down the starting days of December it’s time to start auditing your business.