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Let me set the stage; it’s Monday morning, you’ve just sat down at your desk to review the notes you made on Friday about the “must-dos” for the week ahead. Your inbox is overflowing with requests for your time and energy, and it’s not even 9:00 am yet. Where do you go from here? How do you decide which tasks take priority and which get pushed back another week?

Truth be told, as a busy entrepreneur, these are the moments that define your ability to pursue revenue and growth opportunities. Most of the time, unfortunately, these activities fall victim to the immediate need items, such as returning emails, invoicing, social media postings, and the like. Now, I’m not suggesting that you don’t excel at your job, hey, the fact that you’ve taken the time out of your hectic schedule to read this blog proves that you’re already on the right track! I’m simply here to tell you; there’s a better way! As an entrepreneur myself, I know the feeling of taking on the world day in and day out, but bearing the brunt of this load will eventually lead to a lack of motivation, a reduction in your productivity and worst of all, a total burn out.

So, what’s the secret weapon for productivity and business growth, you ask? Capitalizing on freelancers! That’s right; the freelance market is a rapidly expanding segment of the workforce, largely motivated by innovative professionals who have taken their areas of expertise and brought them to organizations like yours and mine to help alleviate those tasks we can’t, or shouldn’t, be involved in completing. The following is a quick overview of the top three reasons why you should be capitalizing on the freelance market, now!

1. They ENJOY Those Tasks You Hate!
It’s true! You know how you hate searching site after site for the best travel deal for your upcoming meeting in Montreal? Or how the very thought of attempting to use social media for, well, anything – let alone marketing – makes you cringe? Good news! Freelance Assistants, Social Media Gurus, Facilitators, etc. secretly, or maybe even quite openly, love these tasks! Organizing is in their blood, as is seeking out the best deals, planning events down to the very last detail, and ensuring that your presence on social media is working FOR you! These professionals thrive in the type of high-pace, high-turnaround environment that could, on your own, leave you floundering! So, leave it to the professionals to take care of the things you’re not so thrilled about, and you stay focused on those tasks that will boost your own productivity and the overall growth of your business!

2. Can You Afford Not To?
Warning, we’re going to do a little math, and it’s going to blow your mind. Let’s take the average salary of a VP for a small business, approximately $150,000.00 annually – without bonus. Now, break that down into an hourly wage, around $80.00/hour. Imagine that this VP spends about 20 hours a week on tasks that could be allocated to a freelance. That’s $1,600.00 a week, and it doesn’t even begin to factor in the cost of lost time spent that could be better allocated on more critical tasks and responsibilities that directly drive the bottom line. With a freelancer, you save on overhead costs and avoid extra expenditures including, taxes, vacation pay, health benefits, and government fees. Ensuring you always have the solutions and services you need, without having to provide space, equipment, and training for any new in-house staff member! Whether working with a freelance professional on a project-by-project or retainer basis, you will only ever pay for the services you need, and want. Avoiding all other ‘extras’ associated with hiring and maintaining an in-house staff member, or using your own valuable time and resources. Can you afford NOT to use a freelancer?

3. They really are the “Secret Weapon” to Success!
Maybe you’ve begun thinking about hiring a freelancer before, or perhaps you’ve just been so busy the thought hasn’t even crossed your mind. The truth is, finding and working with a great freelance professional really is the secret to success. For a few reasons, including those mentioned here in this blog. Above all else, though, the one thing that makes working with freelancers truly one of the most invaluable resources you can acquire for your team is their dedication. You may find it hard to believe that anyone could be more driven, or passionate, about your organizational goals and bottom line than you. But a great freelance professional performs every day with that same ambition, that same drive, because like you, they’re also entrepreneurs and take great pride in their business. Whether you need someone to bounce an idea of off, someone to help track down the very best deal on a very last minute flight, or just someone who will give you a little shove when you’re falling slightly off schedule. When your most hated tasks are handled by a pro, and your work ethic is matched day in and day out you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that the secret to your success was a lot closer than you thought and much more attainable than you imagined.

I get it, the hesitation, the uncertainty. The idea of taking on something – or someone- new in your business may feel overwhelming. But the return on investment in regaining your time, energy, and sanity? That’s invaluable. There will be trial and error, not every freelancer you encounter will be your “perfect fit.” Staying focused on the benefits that unloading some of your daily tasks, though, may just reenergize you to pursue and achieve those long-standing goals, turning business ambitions into reality!

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