CEO Days

What would you say if I told you to work in your business only four days a week, instead of five (or five instead of six, six instead of seven – but who’s counting?) You would probably look at me like I have two heads, right? Why would I ever ask you to take a day off, how unrealistic is that?!

Truthfully, I get it. The idea of stepping away from my business for even an hour some days can feel overwhelming. As “the boss” there are always a million tasks, and requests, waiting for my attention. Can you relate? If the answer is yes, then again, I must ask you to take a day. Before you say no, hear me out!

Too often, business owners get caught up working IN their business, without pausing to consider the opportunities for growth that come from working ON their business. What’s the difference? Working IN your business means getting right into the “trenches,” rolling up your sleeves and doing those day to day things that help the business function. This includes, responding to emails, preparing customer orders/projects, hiring, training, etc., etc., etc. While these responsibilities are important, and necessary, for the successful flow of any business, they do not afford the same potential for growth, development, and revenue as some good old fashion planning time will bring.

Introducing, CEO Days. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, CEO Days are the perfect tool for enhancing the way you approach your business. While I recommend a once a week approach, some people may choose to take a CEO Day bi-weekly, or even monthly.

CEO Days are a day off from the “in the moment” responsibilities. A change in mindset that forces you to, again, work ON your business, not just in it. It has been proven that the mindset with which you approach any endeavour will have a direct and significant impact on its outcome. CEO Days allow you to sit, think, and strategize. To re-align yourself with the goals and targets you have for your business, and to develop innovative ideas and new KPIs that will further the progression of growth and revenue generation. Focusing on and centering your mindset for success!

Some things to consider during your CEO Day:

  • Critically review your “wants” – what are you getting out of your business right now that is fulfilling? What more could be done?
  • Look ahead – consider where you’re headed, and why. Are you on track to where you want and need to be?
  • What needs to be done – look at where your business is today and what needs to be done to take that to the next level; be creative!
  • Ask the tough questions – what is standing in the way of my business growth? Is there anything happening now that could be done more efficiently or effectively? If nothing changes, where will I be in 5 years? Or 10?

I challenge you to use this day as your “lifeline.” Disconnect from everything else, turn off the email notifications, step away from your regular workspace. Find somewhere fresh and invigorating to work. Read, a LOT, about the latest news from your sector, about developing a conscious and motivated mindset. Most importantly, embrace the trial and error. Let your CEO Day be an opportunity for you to develop ideas in a “no holds bar” fashion – no idea too out-there, no goal too big. The more you can allow yourself to develop into this pattern of strategic planning, the easier it will become and the more excited you will be to take these days “off” to get “ON” track with your business.

Let’s get focused on SUCCESS. Download our Ideas Parking Lot and CEO Day worksheets to help get you started! You won’t regret it.

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