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Keep the Motivation

January brings with it a rollercoaster of personal emotions, professional energy, and periods of both extreme motivation and – at times – the feeling of being “burnt out.” Using the 12-Week-Year, I go into each new calendar year with the confidence that I can be 4X more effective and productive.

Holiday Reflections - Ornament on Tree


It’s time to take a break from evaluating where you are and where you still need to be and just, enjoy the success. To focus on the small accomplishments and significant achievements that have carried you through the last calendar year.

CEO Days Audit


This month, we’re challenging you to take things up a notch! That’s right, as we stare down the starting days of December it’s time to start auditing your business.

Harvest your success

Harvest Season

It’s that time again … Harvest season is upon us. From apple picking to sunny afternoons at the pumpkin patch selecting just the right size and shape for your inevitable …

Jump over Accountability

Hold Them Capable NOT Accountable

Holding your team accountable doesn’t work. When we empower our team to recognize the output of their choices It changes the relationship; it changes the results. Hold them capable instead.

Social Responsibility and Business

Social Responsibility and Business

You don’t have to look far, in today’s news and social media feeds, to find instances where businesses have been held accountable for unfair practices, inappropriate treatment of customers, or …

Gain Back Time

We’ve all been there; we’ve all said the words “if I just had some more time.” This is the reality for all busy professionals but is especially relatable for entrepreneurs …

CEO Days

What would you say if I told you to work in your business only four days a week, instead of five (or five instead of six, six instead of seven …