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Key Element Solutions helps you achieve your goals up to 4X faster. We are your premier solution in the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workforce. With a passion for your business and building high performing teams, Key Element Solutions is your best step in positioning your corporate culture for success.

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Our Services

Business Development
Including general administration, office management, business set-up, and customer service – Let us handle all of those tasks you don’t want, or have the time, to do!
Celebrated successes in delivery of message, combined with experience and training, allows us to assist you in ensuring your event has a dynamic, engaging, effective keynote speaker.
Succeed 4X faster by utilizing our specialized training service, available for a wide-range of needs spanning in-depth personal and team training initiatives, tailored to the modern executive.
Certified 12 Week Year Trainer


Avoid the extras associated with in-house staff members while ensuring you always have the full support and assistance you need to keep your business growing and succeeding. Key Element Solutions ensures you have the solutions and services you need, without the extra expenditures.

Hiring full-time staff often brings more challenges than initially anticipated. Whether in start-up, or running your seasoned small business, it can be difficult to find the time, space, and funds to bring on new employees. This does not, however, alleviate the need for certain skills and expertise within your organization. We ensure you get the expertise you need, minus the unwanted cost.

The best thing about working with Key Element Solutions? We are one of the few agencies in North America certified in training the 12 Week Year. The 12 Week Year consistently helps businesses achieve greater success up to 4X faster. We can help you achieve your goals faster through this tested and proven methodology.