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Explore our site and learn how our services can assist you in getting the expertise you need, minus the overhead cost you don’t! Navigate over to our benefits page to discover the impact virtual business management can have on your growth, and take a look at our about page to understand the passions and experiences that enable us to align your specific needs with the best overall solutions.

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Our Services

Business Development
Including general administration, office management, business set-up, customer service and human resources – Let us handle all of those tasks you don’t want, or have the time, to do!

Meeting Facilitation
From small to large scale meetings and planning sessions, we are uniquely equipped to capture the thoughts and ideas of all participating members. Keeping parties on track, and on target, to meet pre-defined goals.

Boost revenue and productivity in your organization by utilizing our specialized training service, available for a wide-range of needs spanning in-depth personnel and team training initiatives.

With celebrated successes in the identification and mitigation of risk, combined with experience in project and change management, allow us to assist you in ensuring achievement of project, change-over, and risk management excellence.

Event Planning
Serving all your event planning, facilitation, and organization needs while maintaining a high-level representation of your values, mission, and corporate culture. We can assist with all size/scale events in any tone and capacity.

You Decide!
Our service offerings are fully customizable to your needs, not sure what they are? Set up a free consultation today; let’s work together to define your needs and align the solutions which will position your corporate culture for success.


Avoiding the ‘extras’ associated with hiring and maintaining an in-house staff member while ensuring you always have the full support and assistance you need to keep your business growing and succeeding. Virtual Business Management ensures you always have the solutions and services you need, without the overhead costs and extra expenditures including, taxes, vacation pay, health benefits, and government fees.

The capital for hiring full-time staff often brings more challenges than initially anticipated. Whether in your start-up phase, or running your seasoned small business, it can be difficult to find the time, space, and funds to bring on new employees. This does not, however, alleviate the need for certain skills and expertise within your organization. Virtual Business Management ensures you get the expertise you want, minus the cost you don’t.

Time is money, and your time is extremely valuable! As your business continues to grow and demand for your time and energy increase, you may find yourself engaging in tasks you don’t want to do or tasks that are taking away from time better spent on other initiatives. Virtual Business Management allows you to delegate projects simultaneously without having to host multiple staff.

The best thing about working with Key Element Solutions in a Virtual Business Management capacity? Our autonomy! We pride ourselves on meeting each and every client’s unique and independent needs. Working to align you with the overall best solutions which will help drive your success. This is why we also offer in-house support for those projects that require additional TLC.